Waterpark Resorts You'll Want To Visit

The green foliage, abundant sun, and moderate temperatures of the Badger State make Wisconsin waterparks great destinations for summer vacations. A look at Wisconsin's best waterparks can help the typical family plan a memorable trip this summer.

Reasons To Vacation At Wisconsin Waterparks

Wisconsin waterparks may be spread from Green Bay to the Wisconsin Dells, but they share several characteristics. The relatively low price of spending a full day at a Wisconsin waterpark beats the prices for rollercoaster parks, amusement parks, and resorts elsewhere in the United States. Wisconsin waterparks in Wisconsin Dells, Green Bay, and Waukesha are located in areas that are set apart from dense metro areas. The experience of parking, finding accommodations, and enjoying the features of a Wisconsin park cannot be beat at Disney World©, Six Flags© parks, and other tourist destinations.

The primary reason for enjoying Wisconsin's abundant waterparks is the settings for these destinations. Wisconsin Dells may get a bit congested during the summer, but natural landmarks including the rebuilt Lake Delton make the city's waterparks alluring to travelers statewide. The Tundra Lodge Resort and Waterpark© in Green Bay is located within an hour's drive of scenic Door County and Lake Michigan. The Country Springs Hotel© in Waukesha may be located on Interstate 94, but is far enough from Milwaukee to leave traffic behind in favor of suburban bliss.

Wisconsin Dells Waterparks

Thousands of Wisconsin residents flock to Wisconsin Dells every summer to enjoy waterparks, resorts, and camping. The secret of Wisconsin Dells waterparks has leaked out to neighboring states, and tourists from California to Maine can speak to the quality of these destinations. Some of the finest Wisconsin waterparks reside just north of Madison; just waiting for tourists to ride their water slides and log flumes. The only question for a newcomer to these Wisconsin waterparks is where to start when arriving in Wisconsin Dells.

The Kalahari Resorts® Waterparks (http://www.kalahariresorts.com/wi/) at Wisconsin Dells is an indoor/outdoor resort full of aquatic fun. The Zambezi Outdoor Waterpark includes a six-story Ferris wheel and a variety of water slides to keep visitors busy. Kalahari Resorts® also added indoor features like the FlowRider®, the Master Blaster rollercoaster, and the Victoria Falls family rafting adventure. Visitors to the Kalahari Resorts® Waterparks at Wisconsin Dells can get a full-day pass for just $34 during the summer season.

Another popular Wisconsin waterpark is Noah's Ark Water Park© (http://www.noahsarkwaterpark.com/), which features an 18-hole mini golf course and plenty of places to sun bathe. Noah's Ark Water Park© boasts 49 water slides and a pair of wave pools that prove irresistible to swimmers of all ages. Families can purchase season passes to Noah's Ark Water Park© for $99 plus tax, a great deal for weekend visitors from central and southern Wisconsin. Out-of-town visitors can purchase single-day passes to Noah's Ark Water Park© for $34.99.

Travelers who are interested in high-end waterpark experiences in Wisconsin can reserve rooms at the Chula Vista Resort© (http://www.chulavistaresort.com/). This Wisconsin Dells resort is used year-round as a destination for businesses, universities, and industry groups looking for conference space in central Wisconsin. Chula Vista Resort© has 26 waterslides and 9 pools in its indoor and outdoor waterpark areas. This Wisconsin waterpark features attractions like the Emerald Express and the Croc Roc Water Walk that separate Chula Vista Resort© from other resorts.

A final destination popular among Wisconsin waterpark enthusiasts is Great Wolf Lodge Resorts© (http://www.greatwolf.com/dells/waterpark). The Great Wolf Lodge© spans 6,000 square feet including an outdoor pool that is a great place to lounge during the warm Wisconsin summer. Visitors can start out in the two Treehouse water slides and work their way to the pair of "Howling Wolf" slides that cover 400 feet. While the Great Wolf Lodge Resorts© is relatively new in Wisconsin Dells, this resort has gained a great reputation among families heading to this city every summer.

Tundra Lodge Resort And Waterpark©

Green Bay is known more for Lambeau Field and the Green Bay Packers® than Wisconsin waterparks. The city is home to the Tundra Lodge Resort and Waterpark©(http://www.tundralodge.com/) in the city's downtown district. Families from Michigan's upper peninsula, Door County, and central Wisconsin can head to Green Bay and enjoy some waterpark fun at the Tundra Lodge Resort©. The resort's affordability and location in growing Green Bay make it a nice alternative to the crowds at Wisconsin Dells.

This 30,000 square foot waterpark covers indoor and outdoor attractions open during the summer months. The outdoor splash area is a favorite among Wisconsin residents who have endured six months of cold and snow during the winter. The Tenderfoot Falls area is a kid's swimming pool that is safe for small children. The Elk Island River is a river raft ride that simulates the whitewater experience in the city center of Green Bay. Moosejaw Mountain is one of the Tundra Lodge's© centerpieces, offering a mixture of swimming pool and playground for visitors of all ages.

The most popular attractions for visitors to Tundra Lodge Resort and Waterpark© are the Alaskan Pipeline and the Polar Plunge. These sizable water slides are based on Arctic themes that resonate with Green Bay residents who spend plenty of time in the snow each winter. Travelers accustomed to paying upwards of $30 per day for Wisconsin waterparks may be surprised at this resort's affordable prices. The Tundra Lodge Resort and Waterpark© offers half-day passes for $10.95 and full day passes for $19.95 as of summer 2009.

Country Springs Hotel©

A final Wisconsin waterpark that should be on every vacationer's radar is the Country Springs Hotel© (http://www.countryspringshotel.com/) in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The city of Waukesha is the perfect location for a Wisconsin waterpark given its proximity to Milwaukee (25 miles) and Madison (65 miles). The Country Springs Hotel© features a 45,000 square foot water park that has become a major attraction for families in southeast Wisconsin.

Visitors can find plenty of action in the water and on land at The Country Springs Hotel©. The waterpark's three-seat boat ride takes passengers down a water slide running through the resort. Families can play games of water basketball at The Country Springs Hotel© before heading out for a swim or a slide down one of the many water slides. This Wisconsin waterpark charges only $25 for its swim bands, allowing visitors access to all aspects of the resort.

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