Wisconsin Weddings: Secluded and Romantic

From the breathtaking shores of Lake Superior, to the 16 million acres of forests, to the picturesque river valleys, Wisconsin is jam packed with natural wonders. If you are looking into secluded wedding venues in Wisconsin, you’ve picked the perfect state. Wisconsin is an excellent state to a host a wedding in, offering diverse year round locations. Wisconsin has the perfect mix of rural and urban areas to provide all necessary wedding needs; the friendliness of its populace helps make for a stress free wedding experience. The following are a few attractive options for hosting your dream wedding:

Madeline Island

Madeline Island, Wisconsin is a true hidden gem. Madeline Island offers the perfect blend of seclusion and access. Located on scenic Lake Superior, traveling to the island requires a ferry ride from the town of Bayfield. This 2.5 miles ferry ride takes in the area of 20-30 minutes, providing sweeping views along the way. The island can also be reached via small aircraft or private boat. Coming in at 14 miles long and three miles wide, Madeline Island is the largest of the Apostle Islands. Madeline Island has a permanent population of less than 250, with that number increasing to around 1,500 during the summer months. The island offers untouched forests, hiking trails, sand beaches, picturesque rock formations and sandstone cliffs. Madeline also offers a special kind of small town charm, playing host to charming restaurants, shops, and recreation areas. Madeline has the perfect amount of infrastructure to host your ideal secluded wedding, including private home rentals, churches, parks, photography, catering, and more. Nearby Bayfield is a popular wedding locale as well; its close proximity to Madeline provides the benefit of being able to hold wedding events in both locations.

The Romantic Barn

While the idea of getting married in a barn might seem strange to some, the attractive charm of a classic Wisconsin barn can be an excellent wedding venue. Barn weddings aren’t typically held in an actual working barn; Wisconsin barn weddings are hosted by businesses and farms that specifically cater to weddings and special events. Barn weddings are usually held in renovated and redesigned enclosures that provide old fashioned charm while still meeting all modern wedding needs. Barn venues can host crowds of all sizes and still provide that true country feel. Unlike a lot of wedding venues, you won’t have to worry about other events being held nearby or deal with traffic and other distractions. Barn venues can also help coordinate all of your wedding needs, including dining, lodging, decorations, music and entertainment, lighting, and much more.

The Shores of Lake Superior

The sandy and rocky shores of Lake Superior are a great option for anyone looking for a low-key wedding. With miles of beach line, untouched forest, and stunning rock outcrops, there is no shortage of places to hold an outdoor wedding along the lake. The Lake Superior area of Wisconsin has a good mix of charming small towns and modern services to meet all wedding needs. The Lake Superior area is well known for its hotels and inns of all sizes, whether you are looking for a cozy inn, romantic bed and breakfast, or a large resort. The small towns of the Lake Superior area offer numerous options for low-key weddings, including historic buildings, churches, and cabins.

Notable Wisconsin Small Towns

Wisconsin is full of timeless small towns, many of which remain largely undiscovered gems. Small towns are a great place to find secluded wedding venues in Wisconsin, offering the opportunity to find a truly unique and special place to hold a wedding. Some notable small towns of Wisconsin include:

Door County-Door County is located on a Lake Michigan peninsula northeast of Green Bay. Home to fourteen towns and small villages, Door City offers 300 miles of shoreline, numerous state and local parks, arts and theatre, music venues, and beautiful fruit orchards. The towns of Ephraim and Fish Creek are two of the more charismatic towns, offering classic lakeside architecture, historic bed and breakfasts, wooded cottages, small churches of all denominations, and a host of recreation activities. Cabin and cottage rentals also serve as a wonderful venue for privacy and seclusion.

Stockholm-Named by its Swedish settlers, the village of Stockholm is home to less than 100 permanent residents. Stockholm is hidden along the shores of the Mississippi river and full of shady streets, stately trees, and sandy river beaches. Local lodging features historic inns, bed and breakfasts, and secluded retreats.

The Winter Wedding

Having a winter wedding in Wisconsin is one of the best ways to avoid the crowds and create that intimate and private special day you have dreamed of. Even the busiest of Wisconsin tourist locations (with the exception of ski areas) slow down to a trickle over the winter months. One of the numerous benefits of a winter wedding is the significant savings that are available from venues and lodging during the off-season—you might have the opportunity to have a whole resort to yourself! A winter wedding is cozy and intimate; think of a warm and romantic indoor affair, highlighted by fireplaces and expansive views of the snow capped lands outside.

Planning and exploring wedding venues is one of the best parts of the process. There is a perfect Wisconsin wedding venue waiting for you that is sure to make your special day just as wonderful as you imagined it.

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