Hayword Wisconsin Resort Vacations

The small town of Hayward, Wisconsin has plenty to offer wintertime visitors. Though Hayward isn’t very big, it does have scores of activities available for anyone who enjoys outdoor sports or water activities. The area gets snow a good portion of the year, which makes it a beautiful winter getaway spot. In fact, Hayward is home to several hundred winter homes.

Local Flavor in Hayward, WI

Tourists who want a bit more local flavor can check out two destinations that make a trip to Hayward, WI unique. The first is Abiiniijii-Aki, which is a Native American campground. The name of this area means “our children’s land” in English, and it is the cultural center for a band of the Obijwe, or Chippewa Native American tribe. The largest tribe now in the United States, the Obijwe have a vibrant culture that visitors to Hayward, Wisconsin can enjoy.

Situated next to Lake Superior, Hayward also has a lighthouse touring company for people who are interested in seeing how the world works along the shores of the largest of the Great Lakes. The Apostle Island Cruise Service runs boats between the various small islands in the Hayward area, and visitors can take narrated cruises that tell about life there, including a lighthouse tour.

The Lumberjack World Championship® In Hayward, WI

The myth of Paul Bunyan could take place in Hayward, WI, and each year, as lumberjacks from around the world gather for the Lumberjack World Championship®, the area looks as if the world of Paul Bunyan has invaded. The games, which began in 1960, honor the world of logging and lumberjacking. The Lumberjack World Championship®, held each July in Hayward, WI, and now shown on ESPN, includes competitions for chopping, sawing, logrolling, and other tasks a lumberjack must complete. The organizers of the Lumberjack World Championship® pride themselves on including women’s events and encouraging participation among female lumberjacks.

Visitors to the championship games will enjoy three days of watching competitions throughout Hayward, WI. Participants compete for honor and also the grand prize of $50,000. Various exhibits to showcase the history of the lumberjack also are available for spectators.

Children’s Activities In Hayward, WI

If you have children, Hayward, Wisconsin is an excellent place to visit. In addition to the campground and nature trails, Hayward has places where children can pick berries in the summer and watch dog sled rides in the winter. For children who want to unwind with more traditional vacation fare, Hayward, WI is home to several miniature golf courses, movie theaters, and playgrounds.

The second weekend in August, workers from the Department of Natural Resources host an annual “Kidz Day” at Shue’s Pond. The workers stock the pond and open it to children to fish. People are on hand to teach about bait as well as instruct on fishing. Shue’s Pond also is open for people with disabilities to fish with accommodations from the staff.

For families looking for a budget vacation, Hayward is a good choice. The area is home to many campgrounds, so you can stay for less money. The KOA®, or Kampgrounds of America, Inc., campground in Hayward, Wisconsin has a pool as well as a 300-foot waterslide for use in the summer months. Guests who stay at the campground also can rent bikes to ride on local trails and can buy ice cream and go to the movies right on the grounds.

Museums In Hayward, WI

Older children and adults also may enjoy one of the four museums in Hayward, Wisconsin. The Sawyer County Historical Museum and the Wildlife Museum have items of local interest. Hayward also is home to the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of FameTM. This local hall houses more than 50,000 artifacts related to sport fishing on fresh bodies of water. The highlight of this visit is the anglers’ house, which covers half a city block and includes a scenic view of Hayward, Wisconsin and Lake Hayward.

The final museum in the Hayward, WI area is the Cable Natural History Museum. Perfect for anyone into biology or environmentalism, this museum houses collections of skeletons and exhibits related to Northwoods, the area of Wisconsin in which Hayward is located. The best part about this museum for Mom and Dad is that admission is free!

Sporting Opportunities In Hayward, WI

Sports enthusiasts will love the Hayward, Wisconsin area, as well. Because of the heavy snowfall in the region, snow boarding, snow shoeing, and other winter sports are available for a good portion of the year. The local North Country Riders, Inc. is a non-profit organization that maintains trails for all-terrain vehicles traveling through the snow in Hayward, Wisconsin. Because of this group’s work, sport riding on ATVs also is available.

Skaters will find something to enjoy in Hayward, WI, as well. The RELM Skate Park is open daily for people who want to skateboard or bike. This concrete ramp area is free for anyone to use and is part of the Hayward, WI parks system.

Water Activities In Hayward, WI

Though it’s chilly in Hayward, Wisconsin for swimming, other water-based activities are available for visitors. Just north of Hayward are small islands known collectively as the Apostle Islands as well as some individual islands. Several companies offer cruise ships through the area, including a Madeline Ferry Lines company, which takes travelers out on Lake Superior.

Several companies also offer marinas available to the public. If you’re interested in going out on the water, you can rent a boat and sightsee on one of the lakes in the area. You also can fish in one of the rivers or lakes in the Hayward area.

These activities are just a sampling of the ones available in Hayward, WI. The area is home to scores of choices for your vacation time. When you’re looking for a place to go on your next family vacation, consider the Hayward area. Situated in a magnificent area of the country, Hayward offers a different type of travel spot, but one that is sure to make your trip a success.

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