Bayfield Wisconsin

This is what journalist John W. Hunt had to say about the Apostle Islands in an 1853 issue of the Wisconsin Gazetteer: "They embrace in all an area of about 400 square miles, of which one half is water. The soil in some portions is good, but in the major part difficult to clear and cultivate. The waters about these islands afford excellent white fish, siscorret and trout. In regard to health, no portion of the Continent surpasses the Apostle Islands. In the summer months they present to residents of the south the most cool and delightful resort that can be imagined, and for invalids especially such as are effected in the liver and lungs, the uniform bracing atmosphere produces the most surprising and beneficial results." Only three years after these words were printed the town cum city of Bayfield, Wisconsin was founded in Bayfield County.

Bayfield, Wisconsin is named after Admiral W. Bayfield, a British officer who surveyed Lake Superior and the other four Great Lakes before moving on to perform the same service for Canada upon the waters of St. Lawrence. Bayfield, Wisconsin has grown modestly from its population of 489 people spread among 74 dwellings and five farms. Now with a population of but 625, Bayfield's residents still enjoy "the most cool and delightful resort that can be imagined", and welcome others to come and delight in the nature and the water unique to this lakeside retreat. And while the visitors of today may come for boating, angling, and kayaking as opposed to curing the ailments of livers and lungs, the net result is the same - "the most surprising and beneficial results."

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